How to translate Mail Notifier to your language

The language files use a syntax like INI files.

1. Go to the directory where you have Mail Notifier installed.
e.g.: C:\Program Files\Mail Notifier

2. In this directory there is a folder named Languages. This folder have the language files.

3. Open English.lang or other language that you want use for a base, with any text editor, such as Windows' Notepad.

4. The file contains sections. A section is a name between brackets. The section names are application's windows names.
e.g.: [MainWindow]
(Dont translate the names inside the brackets)

Under that, you find all the items corresponding to the specified window. These items are pairs of attributes and values.
e.g.: Attribute=Value

The attributes are the paths to the component to translate, and the value is the new text to display.

5. Ones everything has been translated save the file to another file name. File name should be “English Country Name.lang”.
e.g.: German.lang



& - Some strings use the & character to mark the accelerator character (the one after &). When the user presses Alt-X, where X is the accelerator character, the associated control (button, links, etc.) receives the focus (cursor moves to it, etc.). The accelerator character should be unique for each screen (window). It can be difficult to maintain this also, as the dialogs often use strings from different sources. So you’ll probably require several attempts to get it right.

<number>, <NewLine>, <account>, <version> - Do not translate this names, they are replaced by the system according to the name.

Send your translation(s) and will be included on the next version.